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Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)

The Emma Klinik has a high-performance Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD). It is currently the most modern of its kind in the entire Rhine-Main region. Surgical instruments and other medical equipment are reprocessed after use in the CSSD. The Central Sterile Supply Department is extremely important for a clinic with its main focus on surgery such as the Emma Klinik. Every day large quantities of medical materials accumulate that all have to be carefully sterilised before they can be used again.

The CSSD at the Emma Klinik uses only specialised equipment from well-known manufacturers. Thanks to our comprehensive quality and hygiene management system we can guarantee that all processes in the sterilisation department are always carried out in the same way and that consistently good results are achieved. A special software provides seamless documentation and traceability of all processes.

The CSSD at a glance

  • Investment volume: EUR 1 million
  • Currently the most modern of its kind the Rhine-Main region.
  • The unit covers 300 m2 and is big enough to serve a hospital with 150 beds.
  • The unit fulfils strict and extensive hygiene and quality requirements.
  • Special focus on energy efficiency: The energy content in the extracted air is fed back into the system through a heat recovery plant.

Services offered to external health service providers:

The CSSD at the Emma Klinik is a modular system that can be extended. Even now, with just the Stage 1 module, up to 12,000 sterile supply items, i.e. containers in which several surgical instruments and other medical equipment can be sterilised simultaneously can be processed each year. The capacity is so large that other hospitals can use it too. If required, the capacity of the CSSD can be enlarged to cater for a further 6,000 sterile supply items. This enables us to offer the highly complex task of sterilising and processing medical equipment for other health service providers in the region. We already have plans to certify the unit according to DIN standards.

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