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Referring doctors

Information for referring doctors

Our aim is to cooperate smoothly and trustingly with referring doctors. All the most frequently used forms as well as general information can be easily downloaded on this page. If you require a large quantity of information leaflets to hand out to patients, please contact our central reception desk. Our colleagues will be happy to help you.

Integrated care

The Emma Klinik and the affiliated practices have concluded healthcare contracts with various health insurance funds for a number of diagnoses. These contracts are all drawn up individually and therefore differ depending on the diagnosis. However, the basic approach is always the same: The healthcare contract covers the entire process from first treatment through to after-care.

For the GPs and consultants who have treated the patient previously, these integrated healthcare contracts offer a number of changes and advantages.

Preparation for surgery can be billed separately for example. The bill is not settled with the health insurance funds but can be invoiced directly using our own form. These forms can be downloaded on this page. Medication or physiotherapy is prescribed directly by the surgeon as part of post-operative care, saving work for you.

Whenever you have a patient who could benefit from integrated care, please contact us. We will be happy to provide information as well as the relevant forms required for invoicing. Your patients benefit from the best possible treatment plans and enjoy a speedier recovery.

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