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About us

High-performance medicine in Seligenstadt

The Emma Klinik has offered high-performance medicine in Seligenstadt for over ten years. With 16 specialist departments and more than 20 consultants, the clinic covers a very wide spectrum of medicine. Each year at the Emma Klinik around 5,400 out-patient operations are performed and a further 750 requiring in-patient after-care. We aim to make sure that our patients receive optimal advice and feel well looked after and comfortable before, during and after surgery. As a patient you will enjoy the benefits of treatment by our specialised and highly experienced consultants who work only in their own particular field of expertise, as well as very gentle, state-of-the-art methods, ultra-modern technology and theatre equipment and a pleasant, personal atmosphere.

The well-being and recovery of patients depends greatly on the surroundings so we do everything we can to create a pleasant atmosphere at the Emma Klinik. All the rooms are decorated in light and friendly colours and the furnishings are comfortable and of a high quality. Together with our friendly and dedicated staff and the freshly cooked and varied food, this makes the Emma Klinik seem more like a high-class hotel than a hospital.

Our facilities at a glance:

  • The Emma Klinik has two modern operating theatres with lamina-air flow units, central gas supply, theatre microscopes, laparoscopic tower and video chain.
  • We have a very friendly inpatient ward with 13 beds in comfortable single, double and triple rooms.
  • Our rooms offer all the amenities of a good hotel - modern bathrooms with a shower and toilet, television, fax and Internet access, air-conditioning, refrigerator and a safe.
  • The dedicated and friendly team on the ward are all registered nurses. Children undergoing paediatric surgery are looked after by specially trained paediatric nurses.
  • The nursing staff is there for patients 24 hours a day and doctors, too, can be contacted at any time outside their normal rounds.

The benefits for you:

All treatment at the Emma Klinik is performed by our specialists, including allegedly routine operations. This means that, unlike in ordinary hospitals, diagnosis, treatment and after-care are all in the hands of one person. We at the Emma Klinik firmly believe that alongside the very best medical treatment, tailored to the patient's individual needs, general physical and mental well-being plays a very important role in the recovery process. That's why we do everything we can to create a pleasant atmosphere where our patients feel at ease and well looked after.

Vorstellung Emma Klinik
A video introducing the Emma Klinik and its departments.
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