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We are there for you!

We are there for you!

Staying in hospital and having an operation are not commonplace events for most of us. That's why a lot of patients feel nervous or afraid before surgery. It's a great comfort if there are experienced and sensitive doctors and other staff to support and advise you before, during and after the operation. The staff in our friendly clinic see it not only as their job, but also a heartfelt need, to look after you and attend to your requirements, concerns and fears day and night.

We think that a personal relationship between doctors and patients is very important and that the trust between you and your doctor is one of the most decisive factors in ensuring your well-being and with it your recovery. This relationship of trust cannot be built up if you are constantly treated by different doctors. That's why at the Emma Klinik, the doctor who did the initial examination will also perform the operation and look after you afterwards. Your health is in the hands of one doctor.
In addition, each doctor has his or her own specialised area of medicine and operates solely in this field. So you can be sure that, even if the operation is a so-called routine procedure, you will always be treated by experts.

The well-being and recovery of patients depends greatly on the surroundings so we do everything we can to create a pleasant atmosphere at the Emma Klinik. All the rooms are decorated in light and friendly colours and the furnishings are comfortable and of a high quality. Together with the freshly cooked and varied food, this makes the Emma Klinik seem more like a high-class hotel than a hospital. Visiting hours are also flexible. Your loved ones can visit you whenever they like.

Vorstellung Emma Klinik
A video introducing the Emma Klinik and its departments.
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